Estate Vineyard

Our estate vineyard is pitched along south-facing slopes in the western Edna Valley, just 4.5 miles from the Pacific shoreline.

The vineyard unfolds along an uplifted ancient dune. The soil is different here—rocky and sandy, in contrast to the thicker clay soils found elsewhere in the valley. The vines achieve natural balance in this ground, with limited vigor and low yields. The lean, sandy soil is ultimately a differentiating factor in our wines, expressing itself with sleek complexity.

The Edna Valley is a transverse coastal valley that runs from west to east, a rare orientation that invites morning fog and afternoon marine breezes. Such climatic conditions are optimal for Burgundian varietals, fostering a long maturation period for the development of exquisite structure and flavor.

The interplay of climate and soil ultimately exerts a signature sense of place in our wines.

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